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Welcome to SBI Points!

SBI points is our way of thanking you and offering you a different service through our loyalty program.

What are SBI Points?

SBI Points are accumulative points that all our clients will receive for contracting with us.

These can be redeemed later during your "activation cycle" for additional services or SWAGs that we will offer later through our online store SBI-Shop.

In addition, each service you perform with us will compensate you with SBI Points, equivalent to 5% on purchases billed in a ¨post-payment¨ mode.

Éstos pueden ser redimidos posteriormente durante su ¨ciclo de activación¨ por servicios adicionales ó SWAGs que ofreceremos posteriormente a través de nuestra tienda en línea SBI-Shop.

Además, cada servicio que realices con nosotros te compensará con SBI Points, equivalente al 5% sobre las compras facturadas en modalidad ¨post-pago¨.

SBI Points are also points that you can buy in advance or "in advance" in order to buy the services you request at a preferential price or at a discount price.

Our frequent customers prefer to buy in advance since it allows them to set aside and save, giving them a considerable additional profit that is clearly reflected at the end of the year in the services they request from us. Excellent option in matching plans or large projects for which you already have advance financing.

How is this accomplished?
Normally the cost of 1 SBI Point is $ 10 pesos, that is, if a service has a cost of $ 2,500 pesos, normally 250 points are required.
By purchasing your SBI Points in advance you will receive a minimum 10% discount.
In this way you will pay less when hiring our services, resulting in this example the same amount of points but having invested $ 2,250 pesos instead of $ 2,500 pesos.

At SBI, we not only seek to compensate our clients, we also do so with our suppliers, who will be able to use their accumulated SBI Points to participate in the annual raffles to compensate and thank their loyalty and loyalty to our company.

1₽ – SBI Point

Enter the amount of SBI Points you want to purchase.

* In support of the current contingency caused by COVID-19, we have decided to increase our discount from -10% to -15%.
Applicable for in-house Audio Production and Post-Production services only (Recording, Editing, Mixing, Studio and Equipment Rental).
Its activation cycle begins on the 1st business day of the following month after the purchase of your SBI Points and they are valid for use during the current year or until January 30 of the following year in case of having been acquired during the month of December of the previous year.
The SBI Points will be credited to the account associated with the RFC of the Company Name that acquires them and may be redeemed only for the same Company Name that acquired them at the time of generating the invoice end of project closure.
All SBI Points are plus VAT and the corresponding invoice will be issued.

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