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SBI Dubbing Studios, a Sound By Image company, offers Premium Dubbing Solutions in LATAM-Neutral Spanish, as well as other South American Accents like Argentinian, Columbian, Chilean, Peruvian and Costa Rican. We have 5 great sounding studios, all fully equipped with state of the art technology and ready to  record, edit and mix with super fast turnaround deliveries: 100 mins in less than 96 hours!

We can deliver up to 1000 fully-dubbed minutes per month!
Through our self-owned Voice Talent Agency: SBI Voices, we manage an amazing network of local and international voice actors, directors and walla groups.

We are endowed with a strong group of translators, proofreaders, QCRs and awesome Sound Engineers, who are committed in achieving the highest quality of work at every stage of the process.

With our Studio Partners around the world, we can also offer up to 20 Languages like English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Hindi, Dutch, Russian, etc.

Localization & Dubbing Solutions


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Closed captioning

Music &Effects Recreation



SBI Dubbing Studios is a Fully Integrated Sound Production Company Specialized in Premium (LATAM / LAS) Dubbing Services in Neutral Spanish for Long or Short Forms in Animation, Live Action / Theatricals, Docs, Kids TV, AudioBooks, E-Learning, New Digital Media and Gaming Platforms.

With 5 Voice Over / Dubbing Studios, fully equipped with state-of-the art technology and located in the heart of the dubbing district in Mexico City, and together with our friendly team of creative professionals, we at SBI are ready to host and welcome your feature or series and are eager to convert it into a beautifully localized & dubbed production.

Look no further, SBI Dubbing Studios, along with its professional team of translators, artist directors, our more than 750 voice talent managed by our in-house Talent Agency: SBI Voices and our creative team of sound experts, will take care of your Productions’ most demanding Voice Over, Narration & Dubbing Needs in any of the 20+ languages you may require.

Our lip sync department handles voice over dubbing for OTT, television programs and series, telenovelas, movies, animation, documentaries and live action series. The company stands out from the competition for having a 24/7 open facility and using the latest digital audio and video technology, operated by highly qualified and experienced personnel, most of them graduates from VFS (The Vancouver Film School).


SBI Dubbing Studios Mexico: The Best Personalized Dubbing Experience in Mexico


The best voice bank in Mexico

Listen to some Voices

No matter if its a Short Format Series, a Documentary or a Theatrical, SBI’s Dubbing Services will get your content to be ready to entertain the Latin American Market, and ready to be sold, viewed and accessible to hundred’s of new OTT & SVOD platforms.

Just in LATAM, 32.5 million SVOD subscribers are expected in the next 3-4 years compared to the 17 million in 2016, out of which just in Mexico we have 7 million subscribers.

We are also interested in forming Business Partners with other Dubbing Studios around the world as we want to offer our Mexican Cinematic Producers and Directors a Fully integrated Sound Design / ADR / Dubbing Service, embedded with 3-4 additional languages, so that their content is ready to be sold to other continents too.

SBI Dubbing Studios Mexico: Voice Bank & Audio Post.


We are fluent in English and French and our studios are open 24/7!

Don’t forget, SBI will provide you with an excellent, efficient, and extremely fast service at a fair price.

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We provide the whole supply-chain of sound services:

– ADR / Dubbing / Doblaje
– Voice Over
– Narration

– Translation / Adaptation
– Localization
– Lyrics & Song Adaptation
– Talent Booking and Management
– Auditions
– Scripting

– Production Sound
– Sound Design
– Sound Mixing (up to 7.1 Surround Sound)

– THX / Dolby Certified Mixing Stage Available Upon Request
– M&E
– Music Production


Equipped with a 7.1 Surround Sound Mixing Stage

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